Every designer who works with gCADPlus will have their own way preferred way of working.  More than likely, they will have their own preferences for arrangement of the toolbars, windows etc. in the drawing editor.  In order to assist designers 'ring the changes', we have a added an option on the View menu called 'Workspace' to allow for easy switching and saving of spaces.

Workspaces This movie shows how to change the appearance of the gCADPlus interface and how to save a workspace view.



Several different workspaces are available. Each loads a different set of toolbar icons and drop down menus. The figure below shows the 'minimal' workspace setting. All toolbars, command area and drop down menus are hidden maximizing screen real estate.

Minimal workspace

Tip: If you have minimized the workspace and turned off all drop down menus, you can return the minimal workspace to the default setting, by right clicking over the minimize button and show the View drop down menu.


Users can save their own preferences after making adjustments to windows, toolbars etc.