gCADPlus is capable of displaying a number of toolbars. The number of icons displayed on an individual  toolbar is a function of the screen resolution of your computer system. The wider the screen, the more icons (links to commands) that can be displayed on a given toolbar. The default arrangement is for 2 toolbars, one at the top and one at the left.

The figure below shows the gCADPlus user interface with 4 toolbars showing, each containing a different number of icons. 

Toolbar locations

The number of toolbars displayed and the arrangement of icons on the toolbar is unlikely to be the same for each user so we have provided a way of saving toolbar settings. The sequence View>Toolbars is used to call up the Toolbar Manager and it is simple job to move icons around to suit your drafting style. Once you have arranged icons to suit, save the arrangement as a .tbc file as shown below. This file can be loaded at any required time and used to restore your preferences.

Save toolbar preferences

Toolbar settings  gCADPlus toolbars It is possible to rearrange icons on gCADPlus toolbars and save these for use in subsequent drawing sessions.

View toolbar settings

Manage toolbars