Options in the View drop down menu are discussed below. Please click on the movie to learn about the operation of particular options.

 View options Click the movie icon to learn about some of the different tools on the View drop down menu.

View drop menu


Zoom Extents

This option will show the whole drawing displayed at its maximum size. Because this is such an important option, we have programmed the wheel of the mouse such that when you double click the wheel it activates Zoom Extents.

  Zoom extents The zoom controls can be helpful in orienting your view of a design in both model space and layout space. Here we discuss the value of Zoom Extents and Zoom Window.

Zoom Limits

it is possible (via the Tools drop down menu to constrain the drawing to a certain area - the drawing limits). This option will zoom the view to those limits

 Extents Here is a (quite long) movie in which we discuss the use of the format LIMITS option to fence ZOOM Extents into a particular zone.


Zoom Window

Draw a box and zoom to that area.

Zoom Previous

Go back to the previously zoomed view.

Zoom Selected

Pick an entity in the drawing and zoom in on it.


Real time Pan - drag the views to a new place.  A hand appears at the cursor position indicating that you can drag the drawing into a new position without changing the zoom value. Hold the wheel on the mouse down while dragging will pan the drawing. Most users find this a helpful trick. The pan option is also available from a toolbar button. Pushes the drawing around the screen without changing the magnification factor.


There are times (especially after complex insert and erase operations) when the screen needs to be refreshed - you may find that it is not possible to select an entity. That's the time to use the Regen option. The drawing database gets refreshed as does the position of every entity. The REGEN command can be types from the command line if necessary. Sometimes needed if zoom extents does not show the whole drawing.


Toggle the display of the Properties box on or off. The Properties box is a particularly powerful tool in gCADPlus. If you select an entity with the left mouse button, most characteristics of the entity - color, layer, linetype, line thickness, text style and so on can be changed. If more than one entity is selected, properties for the whole group can be altered in one fell swoop.

Command Line

Toggles the display of the Command area box on or off. It is a good idea to keep it one because options available for individual commands are seen in the command area as is feedback when you make an enquiry of the drawing such as results when using the distance command.


Toggles the display of a mini layers box found under the Properties box.


It is possible to customize the icons on the toolbars to your own liking. See this link for more information: http://plus.gardencad.net/?q=node/70


It is possible to switch to different arrangements of the toolbars and other items in the gCADPlus interface. One workspace (gCAD Default) puts the toolbars and mini windows where we like them. You will prefer a different arrangement. Move things around an save the workspace, loading it as required.