Save using Save and SaveAs in gCADPlus.

A gCADPlus drawing can be saved as lcd (native format), dxf (other CAD programs including AutoCAD, MicrosStation, SketchUp etc.) but not in .Vec. Drawing files in .Vec format (from GardenCAD) do load into the gCADPlus environment but need to be saved in a different format.

The SaveAs option is selected from the File menu and if required, as shown in the figure below, change the files of type in the bottom of the screen.


Tip: A text file option is also available. It has little value at present, but we will use it for future development.

Note: When gCADPlus saves and closes a drawing, a backup copy of the file is saved with the extension .bak while the new drawing has the extension .lcd (gCADPlus native file format) or dwg (AutoCAD format).  As an additional safeguard, every 15 minutes while you are drafting, gCADPlus saves a further copy of the drawing with the extension .lc$ or .dw$. Both the backup and AutoSave files need to be renamed (we suggest to a name such as Recovered.lcd) in order to be worked on.