Selecting this option leads to a template folder. If you start a job by downloading a template, much of the hard work is already done. Templates can contain pre-set text styles, layers, linetype and dimension styles and symbols. Some may contain layout sheets. If you create your own complete with title blocks, speed of drafting can be dramatically increased

 New  Here is a movie in which we discuss the File>New option.

More on templates

A range of templates are available for different size spaces and purposes; all feature pre-loaded plant symbols, a layer set suited to landscape work and some contain design work.

Tip: Don't forget that although a design space may be indicated, the space size is completely flexible. The design can easily grow beyond the boundaries of your chosen template without penalty, so do not worry if you think a wrong choice of starting template has been made.

Additional templates can be downloaded from this web site, but we encourage you to make your own templates. Only you can know the most appropriate set of starting layers, symbols, text and dimension styles and layout sheets for your needs.

The figure below shows the result of choosing the New option. Note that the templates shown do not have a description associated with them. We think it is a good idea to add a description to every drawing. We will make sure that all templates in future releases of gCADPlus include a description. 

Template list

Here is another example, we have selected a default drawing template for generating quick landscape concepts.

Funky theme

Once selected, the user is in an environment with all tools pre-loaded ready for a concept plan.

Funky theme

It is then a simple matter to lay out the site and drag an element on the right to create a design.