Rather than continually adding new symbols to gCADPlus and thus making the gCADPlus setup file increasingly large, here we have provided a series of palettes (single drawings containing many symbols) that can be used to add additional gCADPlus symbols to your copy gCADPlus.

Movie Palettes This movie shows how to download and install a palette of extra symbols into your gCADPlus software.

Using a palette

Click on any image below to download a single drawing file containing the symbols shown in the image. The file will have the extension .lcd. Save the file to one of your gCADPlus folders; we suggest to the Blocks folder in My Documents>gCADPlus. Then start gCADPlus and use the BLOCKS tool (from the main toolbar 1) to browse to the downloaded file while working one of your own designs. You will then have the opportunity to bring the whole drawing (as a block with all of its symbols) into your drafting environment, or select individual symbols.

TIp: Although symbols can be scaled up or down at will, it is better to choose a symbol set appropriate to your units - metric or Imperial (if working in the USA). 

Tip: If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you may see a page similar to that shown below indicating that IE is blocking the download. Please use a different browser - Chrome, Mozilla, Safari etc. or contact us and we will send you a 7z version of the file. 




Group of 16 2D plant symbols


Group of 16


Group of 16

Patio plants



Simple filled set

Simple symbol set


A set of named symbols suitable for Nordic landscape design work.

Nordic download 7z zip version

Symbols #1

Compound symbols

Plan symbols #2 (metric)


Detail for Bicycle Rack

Bike rack


Ground Cover (USA)

Ground cover symbols

20 feet scale bars (USA)



26 metric landscape symbols in plan view

A set of plant symbols in plan view.

2D group 01

The figure below shows a drawing created in gCADPlus using the symbols above.

Palette 7

37 symbols (Imperial)

2D Imperail symbols

A design created using these symbols (courtesy Mahoney's Garden Centers, Massachusetts, USA)


9 filled symbols in plan view (sized for the Imperial [USA] environment)

Each symbol is approximately 3 feet in canopy diameter, but can easily be scaled up or down as required.

General symbols

Design for a small courtyard with xerophytic plants and rainwater harvesting.

A mixed set of symbols with both plan and elevation symbols.


Metric   PEGroup   

Imperial PEGroup

Symbols for a tropical garden - Florida 


Imperial  Tropical   

Metric  Tropical



Outdoor chessboard made from 64 pavers each 400 mm square