gCAD+ versions

Here is a list of upgrades to gCADPlus. Our policy is to keep upgrades free of cost. We welcome suggestions from users for additional features.

1.3 December 2012
F​irst commercial release.
Added a tool to mark the area enclosed by a polyline.
Added a ground cover spacing and mark calculator.
Added a  tool to extract ground cover and produce planting schedule automatically.
Added the ability to import CSV files produced by GPS equipment.
Added the ability to load ArcInfo shape files.
Fixed a quirk in the offset command.
Added the ability to store extended data with each entity. 
Word wrap added to the notes box in the species data store.
Online help much improved with many more videos added.
Added more features to the extended data function including the ability to store species height data.
Improved the Help file.
Added a shadow function.
Added a tool to export selected information to SketchUp.
Added a link to the plant sustainability calculator.
Added a tool to pattern areas with symbols.
Improved the importation of GPS data
Tool to extract extended entity data and pass to XML file was added.
Added a tool to allow point markers for setout.
Improved the Match Properties tool.
Created a tool to write list of setout points to XML file.
Extensive upgrade to the sustainability calculator.
Added a merge PDF tool to produce client portfolio.
Improvement to the SketchUp export tool.
An improved PDF merge tool.
Isolate layer and show all layers tools added.
Enable language switching - French, Spanish, Czech, German, Russian.
Enable easier display of extended entity data.
Additional GPS file import facilities added.
Added a DIVIDE command.
Added a semi automated section tool.
Added options to vary the end result when drawing plant schedule tool.
Changed file type of export from XML to CSV for ease of analysis with more spreadsheets.
Added an interface to Google Maps/Earth for use as a backdrop to gCADPlus designs.
Added a short form of the layer manager under the properties box for rapid off/on layer switch.
Improvements made to the Property Painter tool.
Added the ability to change a text entity to a URL to allow web links from within a drawing.
Link to plant symbol palettes from within a drawing.
Improvements to the Plant Sustainability calculator in response to user requests.
Added tool to introduce variation (size and rotation) to symbols within a group.
Added align text tool.
Added a write block [WBLOCK] command. Enables any group of entities to be saved to an external drawing file 'on the fly'
Added a Grid command - draws a grid with differing X and Y spacing.
A tool to automatically export all content from the L_SKETCHUP layer to a DXF file ready for importing to SketchUp.
Enhance the extract tool so data can be obtained from part of a design, as well as the whole.
A tool to total the length of a series of polylines.
Option to start a new plant list.
Ability to write a plant database gcp file from SppDb after a filter has created a list of plants to use in a job.
Tip of day implemented.
Improvement to URL tool.
Improve readability of mini layer tool to show Status, Name and on/off only. 
New icon and splash screen.
Update plant schedule tool,option to update schedule before printing a design.
A tool to automate the cleanup of dwg files prior to saving in lcd format.
Provide gCADView - a free viewer for clients to view gCADPlus designs.
Tool to refresh plant schedule.
Improvements to URL tool.
Rearranged ground cover fly-out menu
Added a tool to analyze and clean up AutoCAD drawings
Added the ability to total the length of series of polylines [e.g for irrigation lines]
Add new table to SppDb for storing photos of landscape construction details, garden art etc. 
Made improvements to the GRID command
Improvements to BOUNDARY command
A COPSE command to merge several symbols into one complex symbol
Incorporation of more hand lettered fonts
Increased number of species in sample plant file.
First release of GIS tag and SQL tools
Multiple document interface
Key tag command. Tools to manipulate KEY properties in GIS work.
Broadscale symbols and plant tagging added to symbol library.
Improvements to Google Earth/Maps tool.
An alternative method of labeling plants.
File locking for drawings stored on a server.
Tighter integration with SppDb.
Ability to save workspaces.
Improved setout point system.
Major improvements to SppDb - the personal plant database application that runs inside gCADPlus.
Now features a block symbol sorter - store symbols and blocks you make in the SppDb database application.
Store designs and copy and paste into new work
Align text now works with MTEXT
Improvements to fly over information for extended entity data.
New set base point command.
A tool to align objects
The ability to start a command by pointing to an existing entity and click while holding the Control key.
Improvements to extended entity data.
Update blocks containing extended entity information.
Copy a symbol along a line (polyline in a later release).
Spot elevation tool.
Add elevation to entity.
CSV input now handles z coordinate.
Improvements to COPSE tool.
Show tagged plants in broadscale labeling tool.
Improvements to ground cover labeling tool.
Changes to the methods of implementing entity snaps.
Improvements to SQL queries and database entries.
Improve update plant schedule tool (better text control).
Improvements to the set fixed scale tool.
Enabling hatching with more complex hatch patterns.
Adding more abilities to the Match Properties tool.
Improved the layout layer visibility tool.
Added an undo function to the Hatch command.
DXF exchange improvements.
Added the ability to import/export DXF via a custom tool.
Enhance match properties tool.
Tool to align objects in layout space.
Improved tool to introduce variation for planting symbols.
No longer a need to assign a symbol to a plant database file if introduce variation tool used.
Plant schedule refinements. Improve text justification in schedule.
Improve COPSE command.
Added ability to store elevation with entity ready for DXF export to SketchUp.
Improve the tool to measure the area of polyline - prompt for base unit, ask for no. decimal places, then notation in m, or sq ft.
Improve z coordinate input for GPS import.
Improve text in sustainability calculator.
Added a PURGE command.
Added a tool to propagate extended information stored with an entity. 
Ability to detach a plant database (gcp) file from a design.
It is now possible to view gcp files after file loaded.
Improvements to DXF translation.
First iteration of smart plant label tool.
Improve layout of plant schedule tool.
ID command to get x,y coordinates of a point.
Added a tool to show broad scale symbols that have been added to design.
Custom DXF export to SketchUp added
Added better option control in plant schedule tool. It is now possible through a custom schedule option to define which columns appear in the schedule.
Smart label tool implemented with good control over text placement.
Major effort made to make prompt text more informative.
Two variations of ID command now possible - locate any point and get coordinates of point entity and pass to command line.
Add snap to insertion point option.
The status of the transparency switch is now stored. It is now not necessary to manually switch it on each new session.
We have added the ability to import and export 3DFACES into drawings via DXF. This is a small step on the way to giving gCADPlus 3D capability.
The tool to make a plant schedule under the Broadscale option has been improved.
This major release adds a significant number of improvements and enhancements:
A custom toolbar so you can add your own set of icons for favourite tools
SmartLabel tool now allows marking a symbol or group of symbols with leader or line.
Pop up a calculator for quick calculations
Ability to extract attribute data (stored as AutoCAD attributes with a symbol) to a text file ready for importation to Excel
Improvements to the Sustainability Calculator
The ability to select US ARCH series of drawing sheets
Improvements to the plant schedule tool - the custom option allows for a variety of different table layouts - choose any of symbol, code, red dot group marker, botanical and common name etc.
Place PDF files in gCADPlus drawings
6.0 May 2015
Added icons for the following tools - [gCADPlusmenu] [Schedules&Lists]Smart Plant Label, Draw Custom Schedule, ShowSymbolsLabeled, ViewPlantList, DrawScheduleCustom, [BroadScale] ShowSymbolslabeled, ShowLinkedSymbols, DrawScheduleLinkedPlants [GPS]ImportGPS, [ExtendedData] HighlightEntities with extended data, - CopyAlongLine -[GIS] AddGISteag, DeleteGISTag, Show GISTagged {Tools} Section, [Plugin] [Modify] FindText, 
Improved the plant schedule table. Users now have the ability to nominate a text height prior to drawing the 
Created a new ARRAY command. This command works the same as AutoCAD - options for rectangular or polar, spacing distance etc.
Added an option to display entities that have been tagged ready for GIS? (Command = ShowTagged).
Added more shortcuts - DI divide,  ID for identify cross hair coordinate after a click, DB for plant database, PG for purge, CO for copse, El for elevation, AO for align object, AT for align text, FT for find text, IV for introduce variation, IL for Isolate layer, SE for section, 
6.1 June 2015
A new command (SppTag) that allows you to select a symbol that has been previously tagged. The botanical name, common name and code for that symbol are displayed in the command area? 
Adding new dimension styles to the gCADPlus default drawings to assist plant symbol labeling.
Sometimes when users are working on a design, they forget what name has been assigned to a particular species and have to check the plant schedule to determine the species name of the assigned symbol. We will add a tool to enable searching for a particular species in a design. When run, it highlights all instances of that particular species in the drawing.The command activates a dialog box the allows search entry of species name, common name or code. Wild cards are allowed.
The PURGE command does not currently remove any unused text style or unused layer. A new PURGEX (purge extended) command removes these.
The Match Properties option on the Modify drop down menu is perhaps the most useful editing tool in gCADPlus. Its use shortcuts dramatically cut drafting time. We have added MP for MATCHPROP to the shortcut list.
6.2 July 2015
Update the DXFout command to store the Z values of entities. This enhances the ability to export drawings to and interact with SketchUp.
Added the ability to use the separator divider on the custom toolbar
Improved the 'update plant schedule' tool by clearing custom settings prior to running the update.
Added a new FileSize command that will tell the user the file size of current drawing. There are times when drawings (fro whatever reason) become bloated.
Added the ability to store notes in SppDb - the companion plant database application in gCADPlus. SppDb is a free download for all gCADPlus users. Cutting and pasting text notes into a drawing is greatly improved with this feature.
6.3 August 2015
Added the ability to view a detailed description for each template drawing.
Changed the folder name in My Documents to gCADPlus not gCADPlus 6
Improved display of plant database files (gcp files)
Improved the export to SketchUp function.
6.4 September 2015
Snapshot and long description of of templates now show when starting a new drawing.
Users can now control the path to various library files.
Transparency now correctly displayed in multiple floating viewports.
6.5 October 2015
Improvements to the Export SketchUp tool
Added the ability to independently scale multiple floating viewports in layout space.
Improved propagate extended data tool.
Added the ability to clear all species assignments when loading a new plant database gcp file.
Improved the SETFIXEDSCALE function.
Improve drawing security - BACKTIME command allows user to configure backup interval.
6.6 November 2015
Added new symbol library folders - called "My Symbols" - a location to store landscape symbols you make in addition to those found in gCAD+.
We have added the ability to browse via the Libraries to folders called "Compound" [for symbols with more dramatic graphic input]  and "Group" [for sets of symbols with nested symbols - insert one drawing containing many symbols]
We have added the ability to store the path to the libraries described above. This enables drawings you develop to be stored well away from the gCADPlus folder. Some users have mentioned that they worry when upgrading that their own symbols may be overwritten during an upgrade.
Improvements have been made to the WBLOCK command.
We have added the ability to create a new (empty) plant database file - a gcp file - from scratch.
We have increased the resolution setting for the Save to PDF command. This should result in better quality PDF files when creating quick PDF files. Printing to PDF writes such as CutePDF is still possible for high resolution plots.
6.7 December, 2015
gCADPlus no longer crashes when it meets a file with circular references - example, a file [symbol] called tree containing a block inside that's also called tree.
It is now possible to extract to Excel, the cost and container size from a plant schedule associated with a design.
PL for polyline shortcut has been added. 
6.8 December, 2015
It is now possible to control the visibility of layers in floating viewport windows in layout space.
6.9 January, 2016
Improvements have been made to the smart plant label tool. By default, a label is now drawn using the DIMLEADER command. There are many options - label a symbol with a code, with botanical or common name and where a group of similar species is specified, add a count (number) value. Drawing a label using the LEADER tool makes for more versatile label editing.
The display of transparency in floating viewports is improved. Where several floating viewports are displayed on a single layout sheet, transparency is displayed in each.
7.0 February 2016
Added an indicator showing distance cursor moved when setting the end point of a line.
Some users prefer to draft in model space using a white background. Option for the view drop down menu that sets the background color of model space to white or black.
7.1 March 2016
Changed the view plant list option such that all parameters associated with a plant list can be viewed on-screen.
Improved the export to SketchUp tool.
Improved the single line text command. Rotation angle now defaults to zero degrees.
Make dialog box width under user control.
7.2 Mid March 2016
Improved the handling of attributes in gCADPlus drawings.
When placing a leader, the program now responds to the current POLAR settings allowing greater control over the placement of code/plant name etc. when using the SmartPlant label tool.
7.3 Late March 2016
Improved entry of distance and bearing enabling use of data entry such as @1000<N45d20'34"E.
The export to SketchUp tool has been improved.
7.4 April 2016
Improved the MATCHPROPERTIES command so the landing distance and text orientation in leaders can be easily matched. This change greatly enhances the use of the SmartLabel command.
Further improvements have been made to the MTEXT editor. RETURN key now handled correctly.
7.5 April 2016
Show data associated with tagged symbols in the Properties box - botanical name, common name etc. when a tagged entity is selected.
The BACKTIME feature has been given a number of different options - it is now possible to turn it off - a dangerous option perhaps!
7.6 May 2016
Hold species name in Properties box when column width changed.
Improve copy symbol along line. No need for symbol to be attached to plant data file.
Link to DeepRoot online plant database now on Tools menu.
7.7 May 2016
Improving workspace option to hold choice of background color.
recently used commands are now available on the right click menu.
7.8 May 2016
Implement a command to save and increment a drawing file by one each time it is used. Useful when you wish to try out a new design option and need to reserve a copy of the current design solution.
View plant list now incudes data from the Custom column.
7.9 June 2016
Once colors are used in a drawing and an entity is selected to change color via Properties box, the order now numeric rather than random.
Improved hatch performance - issue a warning if hatch scale too high.
Minor bug fix - perpendicular osnap now works when linear dimension applied.
8.0 June 2016
Improve the Place PDF tool.
MatchProperties now matches hatch pattern and hatch scale.
Add several new options to File > Insert - add a gCADPlus file, a block or insert block and explode in one step.
8.1 July 2016
Allow entity snap to access entity handles inside a block.
Minor bug fixes.
8.2 July, 2016
It is now possible to export all information carried in the internal database files (.gcp files) with drawings including the contents of the custom and type columns. 
Exported information can be loaded into Excel and reformatted ready for subsequent importation back into gCAD+.
Problem with Google Maps display caused by changes to Google's API has now been fixed.
8.3 Sept, 2016
Drawings can crash when a DXF files are exported to SketchUp if reserved characters such as () and / are used in block names. Even though GCAD+ allows the use of special characters such as brackets () and slash / in block names AutoCAD does not. An exported DXF will not load in AutoCAD. We now catch these errors and stop the use of () and / in block names with a warning that these are not allowed when a user tries to enter them.
8.4 Nov, 2016
We have increased the width of the columns holding both the Botanical name  and Common Name when edit plant list is selected.
It is now possible to snap to a node.
Break @ option has now been implemented. Select a line, nominate a break point then respond @ for the second break point and the line is broken without a gap.
8.5 Dec, 2016
Improvements to the ability to nominate text height when printing plant schedule.
Bug fix - custom schedule.
8.6 Jan, 2017 (updated March 2017)

We have added a find button that displays when a plant database file associated with a drawing is open. This enables a quick find and possible text edit to the description of a species. The OFFSET command has also been enhanced.

8.7 October, 2017
In response to user requests, the mini layer box can now be stretched upwards or allowed to float.
Dimensioning has been improved.
SppDb can now be accessed inside gCADPlus by clicking on a named symbol. Using a GOTOSPP command, switch to SppDb in order to check detailed information about a species.
We have added the ability to edit a gcp file when using broadscale planting.
8.8 November, 2017
Improvement to incremental backup.
Ability to print POT SIZE in plant schedule.
​8.9 November, 2017
The auto label tool that writes (stamps) the contents of the code field associated with each symbol over the symbol has been implemented. The text for code is inserted on a layer L-AUTOLABEL allowing for manipulation. In addition to this new tool, we have improved the plant schedule tool. if the botanical name or common name of a species associated with a symbol is edited in an attached gcp file, those changes are now reflected in the plant schedule when it's updated. We have also made the icons used to control viewport visibility larger. Finally, the height of text in the ground cover tool is more easily controlled.
9.0 December 2017
Not released
9.1 January 2018
Ability to add length of a series of lines or polylines.
Although the search facility in the gcp file does work when assigning a symbol to a record when you click on the Find button, the ENTER key does not work - now fixed.
A tool (Change Ownership) has been placed near Help > Register, so if a user has a new user name and activation code, they can change it.
9.2 February 2018
gCADPlus now runs properly on a twin screen system even when some windows are left on an alternate screen.
We have replaced the current Propagate stored data with a new option with the ability to select an entity with extended data and have that data propagated for all instances of that entity.
9.3 March 2018
Improved handling of multiple image files on layout sheets.
Added ability to purge text styles without error.
Improved the operation of the block command.
9.4 April 2018
Added the ability to recover a drawing from a temporary backup file (.lc$) 
We are working on:

Improving the backup ability of gCADPlus - increasing functionality of the .lc$ file

Add a tool to propagate extended data from a single block entity to all instances of the block rather than propagate all extended data in a drawing.

SVG output from gCADPlus.
GIS. Can we do something with entities after they meet an SQL query? Could we show (highlight) all the plants which met the SQL query. These would then be in a selection set.
The ability to paste in place in layout space.
Improvements to the template directory browse. Develop a tool to add and subtract templates from the list.
Cursor to show distance traveled as it is moved in direction of the line.
Spot height prompt improvement.
Improve 3DFACE command - 4 faces instead of 3.
Releasing Job Register
Ruby on Rails script testing for exporting designs to SketchUp Make.
Developing a scripting language for gCAD+