One of the most tedious steps in drafting landscape plans is the development of a plant schedule. gCADPlus offers a set of tools to automate that process.

Movie  This movie provides a quick overview of how a schedule similar to the one shown below can be automatically generated. The exact number number of each species in the design is totaled as the schedule is created. To update the schedule taking into account any changes made to symbols, simply redraw the schedule. There is no need to remove the current one. That will happen automatically.

Plant schedule drop list


Automate plant schedules  Movie Here is a more detailed look at the plant schedule tool. 

The figure below shows the set of tools used to generate the schedule. 

Schedule tools

Edit plant list

This option is used to load a plant list. The list is a simple text file with a .gcp extension. You can add new species to the list and these will be sorted automatically sorted into alphabetic order. It is also possible to add new columns to the list and to sort those columns.

Set data to plant

Use this option to set a species name from the list to a particular symbol in the design. The plant list associated with the drawing will pop up. Select the row containing the information about the species you wish to tag.

Set data to plant

Remove data from plant list

This option is used to break the link between a symbol and the plant list.

Remove plant

View plant list

Use this option to show the current plant schedule list (before drawing the plant list).

Show plant list

Show symbols with names

Use this tool to highlight symbols that have been tagged for inclusion in the plant schedule.

Show tagged plants

Show tagged plants This movie shows how to highlight all symbols that have been tagged and ready for the generation of the plant schedule. We also cover the use of the search species tool.

Movie How to update a plant schedule/list.

Draw plant schedule

This tool is used to actually draw the schedule. Make sure that an appropriate text style has been set prior to running the tool. Indicate the top left of the schedule box and the bottom right. the schedule is drawn as a block. Explode the block if you need further editing.

Draw schedule

The routine that draws the schedule poses several questions about your preferences for layout prior to it creating the schedule.

A plant schedule for a very small courtyard

Plant schedule Plant schedule  This movie shows the steps in developing a plant list for a very small courtyard.
Mini courtyard
Remove association  We show how to change from one plant database file to another and to remove the association between symbols and species in a single hit.

Plant schedules