This option as a fly-out item from the Extract item on the gCADPlus drop down menu, enables the extraction of all block data in the drawing to a CSV file. Every block in the drawing is listed in the file, along with its x and y coordinate, the layer its on and any value present in key field. A CSV file is a simple text file that can be used by many different software applications including spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel and Databases like Microsoft Access and SQL, FileMaker Pro etc.

 Extract data Here is a small movie showing the use of the extract block option.

Extract block data

The figure below shows an example of an extract file in the Windows Notepad editor.

CSV in NotePad

The next figure below shows the drawing from which the above information was drawn.

Extract block data

Here is a sample from a different design file, imported to MS Excel. Every block in the drawing is listed, along with its x and y coordinate, the layer and any value present in key field. 

Block list

Given a modest level of Excel skill, it is possible to use macros and pivot tables to process this information for quotations and bills of materials.

Note that GCADPlus allows keys to be attached to any entity. As can be seen from the figure above, the routine also extracts the key value. 

Extract block data