Many landscape designers in the USA use the ARCH series of sheets to present their design work.

Layout space - presenting designs

The movies below show the steps involved in creating a default drawing with a layout containing a drawing sheet border and title block for an architectural C size sheet 18" by 24". Creating a default drawing with your favorite gCADPlus symbols and drawing sheets is a great time saver.

Architectural A (ARCH A) - 9" x 12"  (228.7 mm x 304.8 mm)
Architectural B (ARCH B) - 12" x 18"  (304.8 mm x 457.2 mm)
Architectural C (ARCH C) - 18" x 24" (457.2 mm x 609.6 mm)
Architectural D (ARCH D) -  24" x 36" (609.6 mm x 914.4 mm

Step 1.

Create your logo as a gCADPlus drawing. This drawing will be used as a block. A block is a gCADPlus drawing that is inserted again and again in many different drawings.

Here is a link to a resource you might find useful when creating a logo for a landscape design business.

In this particular case, we want the logo to sit inside the title block (in a ARCH C size) sheet.

The figure below shows one we developed for a landscape company based in Florida.  [Incidentally, the figure you see was exported directly from gCADplus as a jpeg file]


Movie Here is a link to a movie in which we discuss the development of the logo.

Step 2

Create a separate drawing of title block information, making it a size appropriate for most of the larger size sheets in the ARCH series.

Movie Here is a link to a movie in which we discuss some of the steps involved in the creation of a default drawing set out below.

Step 3

Insert the logo drawing (block) into the title block drawing as shown below.

Title with logo

Scale this drawing by 500 and save the combined title block and logo. Give it a meaningful name such as TitleBlock&logoForARCHSeriesSheets.

Step 4

Edit your favorite default drawing and create a new layout, choosing a custom sheet size for ARCH C of 18" by 24". [609 units mm by 457 units]

Custom layout

Step 5

Position the  floating viewport.

Floating viewport

Step 6

Insert the title block and logo in layout space.

Insert block

Step 7

The block is inserted at bottom right of the sheet.

Step 8

Now return to model space in your default drawing and adjust the floating view. In this instance, blocks commonly used are 'parked' to the right of the drawing area.

Adjusting the view area. As a guide for this explanation, we have left two lines and a symbol in the drawing area. These will be removed when the default drawing is approved for use.

Adjust view

In the example below, we have drawn a base map for a site in Pt Townshend, Washington State. the site is approximately 106 feet long and shows on the ARCH C size sheet.

End result

Final result Click the icon at left to play a short movie showing the result of the work above.

Logo metric  Making a logo made in the metric environment.

Using title blocks