Some brief notes and hints about using gCADPlus on Mac computers (after installing Parallels).

Tip: If you can install some extra memory in your iMac over and above the usual 4 Gig that iMacs are sold with, the performance of Windows under Parallels will be greatly improved.

gCADPlus and Parallels

1. Mouse

Buy a low cost two button mouse and plug into the USB port of your Mac. We find that the Logitech M525 an excellent modestly priced choice.

2. Reverse the direction of the mouse wheel

If you draft with gCADPlus and work in both the Windows and Apple Parallels environment, it is extrememy frustrating to find that the wheel of the mouse behaves in an opposite direction. Zooming in by rolling the mouse wheel away from you, becomes  zoom out.

We recommend  taking a closer look at the shareware utility USB Overdrive.

With USB Overdrive, it is possible to alter any button on any input device like your mouse, and you can define specifics for a particular mouse or input device to suit your need.

All I did was to alter Wheel up and Wheel down for my mouse to be the opposite direction, so that Wheel up is 'down' and Wheel down is 'up,' and I can still retain the regular behavior for other devices. Now gCADPlus behaves just like it does in the Windows environment.

3. Learn to use full screen mode

We find that the Apple taskbar that shows across the bottom of the screen on our iMac when using gCADPlus under Parallels a little distracting and prefer to use the software in Parallels full screen view most of the time. In this way, we gain maximum benefit from the high resolution iMac screen, but we do lose notification of emails coming in - that is sometimes an advantage. Swapping between full screen and Windows views quite easy.

Activating full screen view

Move to the Parallels drop down menu strip at the top of the screen and to the View drop down menu.

Select "Enter Full Screen"

Return to Windows view (and see the Mac environment again)

Press Option (Alt) + Command + Return

4. Install Acrobat Reader

This tool provides you with the ability to check your drawings before printing (or emailing to clients) - see below. It is especially important when printing large format sheets.

5. Install CutePDF writer

Make a Google search and install a copy of CutePDF writer. This will enable you to print drawings to PDF (and email to clients). Evn though we have a SaveToPDF tool, there are times when you will want the very high resolution of a PDF writer.


gCADPlus under Parallels