Download gCADPlus

gCADPlus can be downloaded from a downloads page on its web site.



If you use Safari and select one of the download links the screen will look similar to that shown below. Downloading is indicated by a small icon on the top right of the screen. Clicking on to shows the details of the download. The file will be saved in the Mac's download folder.


Start the mac's file manager program - Finder - and navigate to the downloads folder. You should see the gCADPlus setup file at the top of the list. Close Finder for the moment.



Installing gCADPlus 

Tip: Use the recently downloaded file.

Install gCADPlus A quick overview. This small movie shows how to install gCADPlus under CrossOver. The steps to take are set out below.

1. Start Crossover

To do that, click on the CrossOver icon at the bottom of the Mac screen. It is the last icon in the figure below, but your CrossOver icon could be in a different spot.


2. Move your mouse to the top of the screen and select Install software

Go to top

3. That action throws up the screen shown below. 

Select application

4. Move to other application by scrolling the bar down the right hand side of the window until you can see the 'Other Application' heading.


5. Select Other Application and the click the Proceed button.


Select "Choose Installer File". This should automatically throw up your Mac Finder File Manager.

In Finder 2

Navigate to your downloads foldrr where the downloaded gCADPlus setup.exe file should be at the top of the list. Select it and then choose Use this installer (that button found at the bottom right of the window should be flashing. Your screen should be similar to that shown below.


Select install. This runs the gCADPlus setup wizard.


Accept the default values as you step through the wizard.

Important note: At the end of the installation, DO NOT tick the box that says "Launch gCADPlus". Crossover seems to get confused if you do and the setup routine does not tidily complete.


9. The blue scrolling "Installing other applications should keep running momentarily and then cease. Select Done - the screen should look similar to that below.



Running gCADPlus under CrossOver

To start gCADPlus, make sure that you have started CrossOver.

Select gCADPlus from the CrossOver window shown below.


If you have an earlier version of CroosOver, you may need to start gCADPlus from the Programs drop down menu at the top of the CrossOver screen menu. You should find the Uninstall program there as well (and SppDb) if you have installed our plant database application.


gCADPlus should start and ask for your user name and activation code details.

Add registration code

Test gCADPlus by choosing File > New and selecting one of the templates. (If a list of templates does not show, choose the browse option for the location of templates and navigate to Users > CrossOver > Documents > gCADPlus5 > Data > Templates. A list similar to that shown below should be visible.


The figure below shows gCADPlus working under CrossOver

Reverse the direction of the mouse wheel

If you draft with gCADPlus and work in both the Windows and Apple environment, it is extremely frustrating to find that the wheel of the mouse behaves in an opposite direction. Zooming in by rolling the mouse wheel away from you, becomes  zoom out.

We recommend  taking a closer look at the shareware utility USB Overdrive.

With USB Overdrive, it is possible to alter any button on any input device like your mouse, and you can define specifics for a particular mouse or input device to suit your need.

All we did was to alter Wheel up and Wheel down for the mouse to be the opposite direction, so that Wheel up is 'down' and Wheel down is 'up,' and I can still retain the regular behavior for other devices. Now gCADPlus behaves just like it does in the Windows environment.

Upgrading gCADPlus

1. Start gCADPlus under CrossOver. Use the About gCADPlus box found on the Help drop down menu to check the current release number of your copy of gCADPlus against the version currently available for download. Here is a link to the version history of gCADPlus:

2. Make sure that you can locate the email with details of your user name and activation code for gCADPlus. There is just a chance that you may have to re-enter those after the new install. 

3. Make sure that you have a backup copy of your complete store of CAD drawings (see for more information about backing up gCADPlus drawings and protecting your work). Backup any plant database files (.gcp) files that you may have created and added to since your previous installation, especially those in the folder gCADPlus5 found under C:\Users\Crossover\Documents [My Documents] \gCADPlus5.
3. Uninstall the existing version of gCADPlus via the Crossover window (or from the drop down menu in earlier versions of CrossOver), selecting the Uninstall option and double clicking on it. This runs the Uninstall program. Click finish to complete the operation. 
Strangely, the icons for both gCADPlus and Uninstall remain after you have completed the uninstall application. This is a quirk of CrossOver and is likely to be fixed in future CrossOver releases.
4. Use Finder on your Mac and navigate the gCADPlus5 in the My Documents folder. (Click on Devices > Your Mac > Applications > Users > Your Name > Applications >CRossOver > gCADPlus

Remove the gCADPlus5 folder select, right click and move to the Trash bin).
5. Download the new version of gCADPlus and install it as set out above. You should not need to enter information on user name and access code again. 

Tip: Some new features of gCADPlus may not work if you fail to uninstall your existing copy before installing the new version.




gCADPlus under CrossOver