It is possible to add fonts to your copy of gCADPlus in order to give your designs a different 'feel'. Unusual fonts are often used in the design of logos. Simply type the name of your landscape practice in a different font. Here the font TR2N is used in a gCADPlus drawing and a jpg file exported to form the logo.


Next a style ArchitextRegular in the same logo.


Here the Adler font manages to blend 'splotchy' type with the inflorescence at right to make a logo.


The figure below shows an example of the use of a Times Roman Font in a design. This font is not part of the standard gCADPlus font set, but can be added.

Times Roman

gCADPlus font files have the extension lcf and to make them available to your copy of gCADPlus, download and paste into the User > Documents > gCADPlus > Data > Fonts folder.

Click the link below to download a font:

Neuton Extralight (Times Roman font - regular)

Neuton Extralight Bold (Times Roman font - bold)




Extra Fonts