There are times when the gCADPlus insert Google Maps tool does not work and throws a script error when you try and paste the image into gCADPlus. The reason for that is Google keep changing the way the link (called an api) works. All is not lost however. An image from Google Earth can be used instead to good effect.

Movie Here is a small movie showing how to use Google Earth with gCADPlus. We 'fly' to a site, after making sure that the Google scale bar shows, we save the file as a jpg image file and inside gCADPlus, insert the image file. Using a combination of the distance and scale commands, we adjust the image to show true sizes. 

Layout view  Here is a movie showing how to control the view of the image combined with CAD data in layout.

The steps to take are listed below:

  1. Start Google Earth.
  2. In the search box, type the address of the site (its location). Hit <ENTER> and you will 'fly' to the site.
  3. Adjust the view by zooming and panning to show the complete site magnified as far as possible. Make sure that the scale bar is showing. In order to see the scale bar, you may have to activate the Google Earth side bar and tick the show scale bar option.
  4. Click the save image icon at the top right of the screen and save the image as a jpg file, making sure that you know the save location. You will need to browse to the file when inside gCADPlus.
  5. Start gCADPlus.
  6. Select the Draw drop down menu and select the Insert Raster tool. Select Add and browse to the location of your saved Google Earth image file. Select Add, then insert. Place a rectangle on the screen and place your image.
  7. Zoom in on the scale bar. Use the Distance option on the standard toolbar to measure the length. Make a note of both the Google Earth image length and the value reported by the Distance tool. Divide one by the other to calculate a scale factor.
  8. Select the image and scale it as shown in the movies.
  9. Make a new layout and add new gCADPlus entities on top of the base image.



Use an image editor and change transparency of the base image. That will help what you draw to stand out against the image.

Tip: We have had to change the code used to allow capture of an image inside gCADPlus several times to allow for changes Google make to their api. It is likely that we will remove the ability to use Google Docs inside gCADPlus in future. The method set out above will become the 'de facto' method for dealing with Google Earth images in gCADPlus. 

Use Google Earth in conjunction with gCADPlus