Let's imagine that you wanted to make a raster image of one of your designs to add to the gallery page of your web site. There are numerous ways to do that. Here is some information on some of these methods.

Use MakeRaster Export jpg file from gCADPlus.

While in gCADPlus:

  • Use the Tools drop down menu and select Make Raster, set resolution (in the range 300 - 600 pixels) and export the image at a high resolution in a web friendly file format.


Tip: JPEG is the best format for colorful, complex images (such as photographs); images containing gradients or color blends; and any other images with millions of colors. gCADPlus drawings fall into that category. If you are going to 'touch up the image in an image editing tool like IrfanView of Photoshop, export the image as a .TFF file.

Place the image on your web site. Here the width of the image is set to 300 pixels and the JPG image file is linked to a high resolution (1200 pixels wide) image to give a visitor a magnified view. 

Design example

Here this same image is linked to a high resolution PDF print of the design ready for zooming and panning.

Design example

You could also ..

  • Set screen resolution to its maximum and use the the Windows Snipping tool to capture the image, save the image as a web friendly file,

or ..

  • Print a design to a PDF writer, open the resultant PDF in Acrobat Reader, set view to full screen and use the Windows Snipping tool to capture the image. Then use a photo editor like IrfanView to adjust resolution and save the file.


Export Raster Images