Rather than continually adding new symbols to gCADPlus and thus making the gCADPlus setup file increasingly large, we have provided a number of palettes (a single drawing containing many symbols [blocks]) that can be used to add extra symbols to your copy of gCADPlus.

Here sets of plant symbols suitable for elevation views.

Palettes This movie shows how to download and install a palette of extra symbols.

Using a palette

Click on the image below to download a single drawing file containing the symbols shown in the image. The file will have the extension .lcd. We suggest saving to the Blocks folder in My Documents>gCADPlus. Then start gCADPlus and use the BLOCKS tool (from the main toolbar 1) to browse to the downloaded file while working one of your own designs. You will then have the opportunity to bring the whole drawing (as a block with all of its symbols) into your drafting environment, or select individual symbols.

Set 1


ElevationGroup download 7z version



Elevation symbols # 2


2D Elevation Plant Symbols


Elevation Imperial

29 symbols in elevation (both metric and Imperial [USA] sets are available by clicking on the appropriate image


 Metric   Metric

Imperial   Imperial

Plant symbols in elevation