Base plans from PDF

By far the most efficient way of getting a base plan to worth with in gCADPlus if your client has a set of PDF files created by a building designer or architect is to contact the design firm who created them and ask for a CAD file. This can be in either dwg or dxf form. If you can get a cad file of that type, first use a product like the free Autodesk dwg TrueView application to load the drawing, check that it shows what you want and write out (save) a DXF file in AutoCAD release 14 format. That file will load in gCADPlus and will be small in size and thus easy to work with.

The alternative is to place a scanned copy of a PDF into gCADPlus. However, not all PDF files can be placed directly in gCADPlus using Tools > Place PDF. It is sometimes necessary to use an online tool to convert a PDF to an image file.

Convert PDF

This online tool does a great job of converting PDF to an image file (jpg) ready to insert into gCADPlus. A service that comes highly recommended:

Insert PDF

Once you have the file, use Draw > Insert Raster to put a copy of the converted PDF into gCADPlus.

Here is an example of a PDF converted to jpeg and loaded into gCADPlus:

Insert PDF


Scale the scanned image file to make it full size. Here is a link that describes how to do that: see

Then trace the base plan.

Convert PDF to image files