Landscape designers commonly work with architectural drawings as a base for their design work. These drawings can take many digital forms - AutoCAD dwg or DXF files, DXF files from a variety of other CAD software and scanned drawings of hand drawn or computer plotted prints. It is best to chase these digital files whenever you can; load into gCAD+ and away you go. However, there are time when all you have are copies of paper drawings.

This paper provides some advice on how to handle paper drawings in the gCADPlus environment using the Imperial version of the software.

Start gCADPlus > File New > Default

Make a new layer Image


Draw > Raster Image > Add

Browse to the location of your scanned plan, select it.

Place at arbitrary scale.

Place image


Change drawing color to red.

Trace boundary

Trace plan


Measure known length and scale.




Trace base plans (USA)