Install under CrossOver This movie takes you through the steps to take in order to install and test gCADPlus on your Mac using CrossOver as the Windows emulator.

We will assume that you have downloaded and installed CrossOver.

Step by Step

1. Download the appropriate gCADPlus setup file (Imperial or Metric) from the download page of the gCADPlus web site. Here is the link:

2. Next, just to make sure that the setup file has been saved to the Macs downloads folder, activate Finder.

Download file

3. Start CrossOver and from the bottom of the CrossOver window (shown below), select "Install a Windows application".

Start CrossOver

Each Windows application installed under CrossOver is housed in its own zone ("a bottle"). You may be able to see in the figure above that two other applications that work with gCADPlus, a plant database called SppDb and a PDF writer area already installed. We are now going to install gCADPlus in its own bottle..

4. After you click on "Install a Windows Application", select Browse All Applications (again at the bottom of the screen).


5. Select Unlisted application at the bottom of the list.

Pick list

 6. Select Continue from bottom right of window.

Choose Installer

7. Select "Choose Installer File" and browse to your downloads folder. Pick the newly downloaded gCADPlus setup file and select "Use this installer" to continue:

Use Installer

Your screen should be similar to that shown below. The tick boxes across the top of the screen show that you have selected the application and the installer. The Select Bottle option may or may not be selected.


In this example, because we have selected the gCADPlusImperialSetup file, the CrossOver bottle will also be named gCADPlusImperialSetup. That's rather a clumsy name; lets change it. Click Select Bottle.


We will choose a Windows 8 bottle and name it according to the version of gCADPlus we are installing.

New Bottle

We are now ready to install gCADPlus. The next screens provides a summary of what will happen during the installation.



The installer will run and show some progress bars as it does so. Finally we reach the gCADPlus setup process. gCADPlus is ready to run.

After installing gCADPlus, we recommend downloading and installing PDFWriter for the Mac

One other thing ..

Reverse the direction of the mouse wheel

If you draft with gCADPlus and work in both the Windows and Apple environment, it is extremely frustrating to find that the wheel of the mouse behaves in an opposite direction. Zooming in by rolling the mouse wheel away from you, becomes  zoom out.

We recommend  taking a closer look at the shareware utility USB Overdrive.

With USB Overdrive, it is possible to alter any button on any input device like your mouse, and you can define specifics for a particular mouse or input device to suit your need.

All we did was to alter Wheel up and Wheel down for the mouse to be the opposite direction, so that Wheel up is 'down' and Wheel down is 'up,' and I can still retain the regular behavior for other devices. Now gCADPlus behaves just like it does in the Windows environment.

Some information from the folks at CrossOver

The folks at CrossOver have tested gCADPlus and produced a page of instructions for us. Here is the link:

Trouble downloading the gCADPlus setup file?

If you want to install gCADPlus on a Mac and your Mac has virus checking software that will not allow the passage of the gCADPlus setup .exe file, try downloading a free Mac application called 'The Unarchiver' from the App Store. Then download the .7zip file from the download page of the gCADPlus web site. This 7zip file will bypass the virus checking software and The Unarchiver will unzip it ready to install under CrossOver. gCADPlus has been certified to run on a Mac under Crossover.

Message If you choose a Windows 8 bottle and get the message "The setup requires the .net frame work"

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