We have developed a set of plant symbols which provide a little more graphic flair than the standard symbols in gCADPlus. The figure below shows the set. To check how the symbols perform in a PDF plot from gCADPlus, click on the image.

Compound Set

While the symbols are designed to work well with the lineweight switch turned on and display of line weight can be manipulated via the default lineweight setting, each is sufficiently complex to result in well defined symbol definition without the need to concern yourself with line weight settings. These symbols have an extra graphic element (on its own layer), so they work quite well even with line weight setting turned off. The figure below shows the symbols with the gCADPlus lineweight setting off. Note the finer level of detail.

lineweight off


To add to the set, follow the steps set out below.

1. Start gCADPlus and choose the "No Template" option.

2. Create three new layers L-PLNT-SYMBOL, L-PLNT-CONSTRUCTION and L-PLNT-GRAPHIC. Set the color of layer L-PLNT-GRAPHIC to color number 131

3. On layer L-PLNT- CONSTRUCTION, draw a circle at coordinate 0,0, 500 units radius for a standard symbol [3 units if working in Imperial units], or a circle 250 units for a mini shrub or grass [1.5 unist in Imperial]. On the same layer. draw a small cross marker of suitable size located at Cartesian coodinate 0,0

4. Design the symbol on layer L-PLNT-SYMBOL (this is the same layer as used in the standard gCADPlus symbol set). Set color bylayer or choose a particular color number if required. Do not set line thickness of entities, leave at BYLAYER.

Tip: Where trunk used in the symbol (usually with a closed polyline), give it a border color 18. See CPlant25 as example. Do not use hatches. If shading is required for the background, use overlapping polylines - see symbol CPlant11. Try and avoid the use of transparency. Use finest line (0.00 mm) at edge of background polylines. This symbol still allows the user to change the Format > Lineweight settings to allow for different size sheets because it is the green lines that will change in thickness.

Here are a few of the symbols from the set on an A1 sheet with lineweight default display set at 0.25 mm.

new symbol

Display thickness of default changed to 0.05 mm

line 0.05 mm

4. Switch to layer L-PLNT-GRAPHIC. Draw additional graphic elements - the cyan entities shown above. The offset command is a good tool to use for this. Put offset color blue color on inside of the symbol, Make color BYLAYER or alternatively change to a fixed color. 

6. Save the figure to the Blocks > Plants > Compound layer. It will then be available in future gCADPlus sessions.

7. When complete, turn off the L-PLNT-CONSTRUCTION layer.


Storing symbols outside the usual gCADPlus set

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