This series of YouTube movies is designed for busy landscape constructors who want to be able to produce landscape designs using CAD software, but who are time poor. It aims to teach the use of gCADPlus landscape design software using a series of 'how to' movies that culminate with a finished design. Each movie is 3-4 minutes long. The lessons conclude with the printing of a professional landscape CAD plan shown below. Links to partly finished drawings are scattered among the links to movies in case you want to pick up your learning at different points.



Before you start, download this gCADPlus template file. Save it in your gCADPlus drawings folder (in My Documents). Open it to begin the first lesson.

Movie lessons:

Lesson 1: Save time by starting with a well organized template. Plot the footprint of a house.

Lesson 2: How to locate an existing tree on a site.

Lesson 3: Locate the back and side boundaries of a site.

Lesson 4: Positioning a low stone retaining wall.

Lesson 5: Using the offset command to create a path around a house. Setting up a lawn and adult entertaining area.

Lesson 6 : Use the mirror command to shift the position of a vegetable plot.

Lesson 7: Using the offset command to create a header brick area around an adult entertaining space.

Lesson 8: Use trim to cut a series of stone steps into a raised platform.

Lesson 9: Rotate a group of entities making up raised entertaining area.

Lesson 10: Placing custom stepping stones.

Lesson 11: Update custom blocks for stepping stones.

Lesson 12:  Detail design for vegetable patch & storage)

Lesson 13:  Hatching a complex shape for a pebble paved area.

Lesson 14:  Positioning plant symbols and attaching plant lists.

Lesson 14b: Add new viewport and create plant schedule.

Lesson 15: Update plant schedule after completion of planting plan. Edit properties of rectangle to get solid fill.

Lesson 16:  Change the stack order of entities to make understory planting appear more natural.

Lesson 17: Apply text to drawing - explore the MTEXT, TEXT commands.

Lesson 18: Apply paving pattern to area around vegetable path.

Lesson 19: The value of including a scale bar in a landscape design drawing.

Lesson 20: Apply dimensioning. Measure and mark areas

Lesson 21: Design water feature.

Lesson 22: Test print the completed design

Design task #5