In common with most CAD software, gCADPlus allows for the activation of an electronic grid covering the drawing area. Provided that the appropriate grid values are set, and the grid turned on, this option causes the cursor to jump to grid points when placing entities.

The grid an snap values are set with the Drafting Settings option which is available by right clicking on the drawing editor. X and Y values for a grid are set along with a value to determine the grid bold step interval.

snap and grid The snap tool can be useful when there is a need to How to accurately place rectangular frames, floating viewports and images on layout sheets.

Grid We have been asked to discuss the use of various grid setting in gCADPlus. This movie shows the importance of GRID and SNAP settings when laying out a title block for an A2 sheet, how to change snap and grid settings and finally the POLAR and step size settings.


Snap and Grid Use snap and grid when working with a formal design.

Snap and grid


Snap and grid