There is often a need to simplify a design by merging groups of symbols. For example in larger scale planting, there may well be groups of shelter belt planting that require simple graphics. If symbols are placed as shown in the first figure below, they can be merged to a simpler form using the COPSE command.

Copse routine

Copse This movie shows how the copse command can be used.

Copse Here is another movie showing how to modify a copse group.

How to use COPSE

The copse command is called from the gCADPlus drop menu, or typed at the keyboard.

The first prompt asks you to select the symbols that are to be merged. Hit enter to complete the selection.

The next prompt asks the user to mark the start of a height for the marker to be placed in the center of each symbol. That's followed by a final indicator for the height of the marker. Then the command completes.

The resultant symbology is placed on a layer L-PLNT-COPSE.

Merge symbols - the COPSE command