The GardenCAD Plus gCADPlus menu contains an option to import external data in the form of GPS coordinate and text data.

GPS in

It is possible to load a base survey map and overlay with data from a CSV file generated during a survey.

Here is a typical base map showing a wetland and accompanying cadastral information on roads and allotments.


We run the GPSin tool, select the CSV file and the data is plotted on top of the base map.

Tree health

It should be noted that in the example, we ran a custom version of the generic GPSin command, colouring trees according to health.

The standard GPSin command in gCADPlus will import the first 4 columns in the data set below.

GPS in

Record 1 in your file should show the header information, then the routine will import column A (numeric), Column B (text), Column C (x coordinate) and column D (y coordinate). The remaining columns are ignored.

A point is plotted at the x,y position and text written in the current style nearby.


Reading GPS data