When a design is complete, you may care to try the Shadow tool.

Lineweight Apply shadowing to a symbol.

Shadow a complete design

This tool is most useful when you require a print similar to 'hand rendered' drawings. The figure below shows shadowing applied to a conceptual design for a rear garden.

Apply shadows

The tool creates a copy of each symbol selected, places the copy on a new layer (L-PLNT-SHADOW) and makes the copy of shadowed entities a light grey colour. This produces an effect similar to that found in Photoshop layer shadow tools and other similar image edit programs.

During operation of the command, it is possible to change the shadow angle and the length of shadow.

If a strong shadow is required, it is a simple matter to change the color of the L-PLNT-SHADOW layer to a darker value as shown in the figure below. (from a layout view).

Apply shadows

Further definition can be effected by changing the lineweight of the symbols layer.

Line weights

Lineweights display was left on in the example above. In the figure below, we have turned line weight display off but kept the colour of the L-PLNT-SHADOW layer the same for a softer, but darker finish.

Apply shadows lineweight off

Lineweight Here we adjust the line weight of symbols in a USA landscape drawing.

and Lineweight here apply some shadowing.

Apply shadows to symbols