As an aid to design work and as part of the automated plant schedule system, gCADPlus allows a plant list to be attached to any drawing. The list is used in two ways - as an aid to species selection and for the generation of a plant schedule - list of plants - used in the design. The figure below shows a plant list attached to a design for a suburban garden in Paris.

Plant list Paris

The plant list can be as comprehensive and personal as you like. The example above contains some 400 plants available from Parisian nurseries with several columns for each record - Botanical Name, Common Name, Type, Pot Size, Cost etc.

400 records

The example list in the figure below contains some 80 plants suitable for a Mediterranean climate. We have added a column for pot size and cost to this list, but you are not limited to those columns, add whatever data columns you like to help in plant selection.

Sorted plant list

gcp files as an aide to plant species selection

The first use of the plant list is as an aid to species selection.

Plant list This movie shows how a plant list is used to find species with particular characteristics while working in a drawing.

The list can be sorted 'on the fly' using any column, so if for example, you were placing ground cover species, the type column might be sorted as shown above.

Tip: The sorting can be A to Z or Z to A and the list reverts to the default sorting on alphabetical order of botanical name when reloaded.

gCADPlus uses these plant lists (that are always in the form of a text file with the extension .gcp) to link a species name to a symbol prior to creating an automated plant schedule.

How to automatically create a plant schedule - a list of species used in the design

Plant list  This movie shows how to automate the production of a plant schedule (list) for a design suited to a site 250 feet by 200 feet in the NE of the USA.

Plant list Massachusets

More information on making plant schedules is available under gCADPlus Tools > Automated drafting > Plant schedules.

Plant schedules

Plant list This movie shows how to sort gcp files inside gCADPlus drawings.

Download​ lists

Download any of the plant list files set out below and store them in your My Documents>gCADPlus folder.

** Make sure that the file extension of the downloaded file is .gcp **

Then use the gCADPlus drop down menu and the 'Edit Plant List' option to open a list. It is then easy to add to the list or create new columns. The edited list can be saved for future projects. 

Sample list

The plant list provided with gCADPlus (>440 + species)

A list for ​use with our Guide to using gCADPlus


Mediterranean species

A list of 'strappy lea​f' species and ground covers

A list for Toowoomba (Queensland)


50 species suitable for Paris

A list of species commonly available in Parisian plant nurseries courtesy (SB)


Species suited to the Pacific NorthWest

Species for North East USA

Florida  (a very small plant list that works with a learning CAD exercise available on this web site)

Species for Kentucky


Tip: Our companion plant database application SppDb can also be used to generate .gcp files that will load into gCADPlus.

Plant lists