Landscape architects often use the same symbol over an over in planting plans covering large areas. They assign different species to the same symbol as shown in the figure below. gCADPlus contains tools to enable you to work in that fashion.

 Broad scale planting  This movie shows how to use the LINKLABEL and LINKTABLE commands in the gCADPlus environment. It shows an approach used by landscape architects when working on large scale plans.

Broad scale revegetation This movie shows the broad scale system showing some re-vegetation in Idaho, USA

The figure below shows a typical landscape plan developed using this tool.

Broad scale planting

An example

The figure below shows a plan developed by a landscape architect for a small park reserve in country South Australia.

Example 1

The shade trees above are existing and do not need to be part of a planting schedule, but a plant list is required for the smaller symbols, some of which are shown below.

Example 2

Note that the same symbol will be used to indicate several different species so to do that in gCAD+, we use the broad scale plant tagging tools in conjunction with a plant data file (.gcp).

The plant data file can be created ''de novo", but it is easier to use our plant database application SppDb that's designed to store information and images about different plant species as well as photographs. Using SppDb in conjunction with gCAD+ makes for efficient drafting practice.


Note that a code can be stored for each species in the database and a climatic zone.

For the purposes of this exercise, we want to filter the list and select all plants that will grow in Zone 5 (warm temperate - hot summers)


Click Find and export a .gcp file ready for gCAD+.

gcp file 2

The file is exported and loaded into gCAD+

plant list lock

plant list lock 2

and we are ready to start tagging plants.

ready to tag

Note that the Botanical name, Common Name and Code are passed to the .gcp file. These will be used both in tagging symbols and in creating a plant schedule list.

Movie Another movie on broad scale planting. 

Broad scale planting