The gCADPlus interface is relatively complex and it does take new users some time to get completely comfortable with it. The figure below shows the interface in gCADPlus version 4.1 with the various parts of the interface labeled. We believe that there is great merit in an application having a consistent interface. We aim to keep the interface much the same with each new release of gCADPlus. 

Interface An overview of the gCADPlus interface.


Tip: Do make sure that the status line is visible at all times. This is important for Windows users as if you have maximized the gCADPlus window, the Windows toolbar may obscure important feedback.

Tip: Many of the tools shown in the figure above can be switched off and the toolbars and options on them re-arranges according to user preferences. The View>Workspace tool can be used to save your particular collection of toolbars and menus.

Properties Box The Properties Box is used to speed editing.