There is often a need to exchange drawing information with other professionals who use AutoCAD. There are many different versions of AutoCAD. You need to be confident when you send a gCADPlus drawing to someone who uses AutoCAD that the drawing will load correctly. To that end, we have provided two options on the Tools menu as shown below.


Check AutoCAD File

The common file format used by AutoCAD users is dwg. This option simply checks if the current gCADPlus lcd file can be saved in dwg format.

Cleanup AutoCAD File

It is good practice to make sure that any drawing that you send out is as lean as possible. In other words, is the drawing as clean as you can possibly make it. That means that the drawing should not contain any empty layers, no unused text styles, no un-referenced blocks ( a common reason for bloated files), dimension styles and so on. This option produces a report showing those items in the drawing that can be safely removed. Once that is done, the dwg file can be sent to the recipient.

Check file

This tool can of course be used on your own gCADPlus lcd files to make sure that they are kept as lean and efficient as possible while developing a design.

Tip: you can further improve your relationship with AutoCAD users by determining the version of AutoCAD they are using. Although early versions of dwg are upwardly compatible, they are not downward compatible. If as an example, someone is using AutoCAD Release 14, it is possible via Tools>PlugIns>options to set gCADPlus to save in any desired dwg format.


Movie We take a drawing in dwg format and convert to a form that can be manipulated in the gCADPlus environment. Problems of scaling in model space versus scaling in layout space are discussed. We show how to set the scale factor in a floating viewport to a fixed scale of 1" to 8 feet.