An entity can have a number of properties and sometimes you want one entity to have the same properties as another entity. Most Microsoft Office users already know about the Format Painter tool that they can use to apply properties of one object to another. gCADPlus includes a similar tool called Match Properties. This tool is very handy for transferring property settings from one entity to another and is used to select an entity, capture its properties and apply the same set of properties to one or more other entities. It is a great time saver when editing. The figure below shows how to access the tool. It is also possible to type MATCHPROP to start the command.

Match properties

Operation: Select the option from the Modify drop down menu, indicate a source entity, and then an entity to be matched. Properties that can be matched include Layer, Linetype, Linetype Scale, Color, Text Style, Text Alignment, Dimension Style. 

Match properties  Match Properties A movie showing the operation of the Match Properties tool. the colour and layer properties of one set of hatching in a bush regeneration mix is applied to other hatched areas.

Match Properties


Tip: Be careful when trying to match properties from a block to a no block entity. The properties you see may be set inside the block.

Tip: Match Properties does not have an undo function.



Match properties tool