If you have been used to drafting with AutoCAD, you may have used the DIVIDE and MEASURE commands. We have not implemented a measure command because measuring along a line or other entity a fixed distance in gCADPlus can be carried out easily using gCADPlus tracking tool, but a DIVIDE command is another matter.

The DIVIDE command is available in gCADPlus and it is called from the modify drop down menu. The first prompt asks for the entity to be divided and the second  asks for the number of segments. The line (or other entity - polyline, arc, circle, polygon etc.) is then divided by placing appropriately spaced points along the line.

Tip: It is not possible to DIVIDE a polyline if curve fitting has been applied. similarly a spline cannot be DIVIDED.

Tip : You may need to adjust the size of the point marker if the divisor points do not show clearly. This is done from the Format drop down menu.

 Movie Here is a short movie showing how the DIVIDE command is used. We show how to space lighting an equal distance apart in a low voltage supply line.

Divide line