The OFFSET command makes copies of object(s) parallel to the current position at a distance you nominate. In the figure below, a line has been offset by 230 mm to create a double brick wall.


The offset command can be started by:

  1. Choosing Offset from the Modify drop down menu.
  2. Type OFFSET or O in the command line and then press Enter.  
  3. Select the entity, right click and select Offset.
  4. Select from a toolbar option.

You will be asked for an offset distance. Type the distance in the command area and hit <ENTER> or select the 'Through' option and simply click the point in the drawing where you want the offset to appear.

Offset (metric) Offset Offset a line (metric environment)

Offset (metric) Offset Offset a line (Imperial environment)

Offset Imperial

Offset  Here the offset command is used to create a cobbled border to a driveway for a design in Massachusetts.