Images in a wide variety of formats can be inserted into gCADPlus drawings. This ability can save much drafting time as images can be used to illustrate details of proposed designs without the need to draw CAD versions of a detail. The figure below shows an example - the CAD design is shown alongside an image showing the way in which it is intended that pieces of slate will be embedded in a crushed dolomite path.


Equally, as shown below, images might be used in larger scale plans to show species being used.

Brachycombe multifida

Handling raster images

The sequence Draw>Raster Image, calls up the Image manager tool that's used to insert images into a gCADPlus drawing. The Image Manager is shown in the figure below.

Load raster

The Manager offers a number of options. in the first instance, select 'Add' and the browse box appears. In the figure below, we have clicked on the files of type box, illustrating that many different raster file formats can be loaded into a gCADPlus drawing

Browse for image

The figure below shows that the Image Manager can hold a number of files. A file can be previewed, unloaded, deleted a file, reloaded or inserted.

Image manager

The insert option picks up the image, asks the user for the bottom left of the position of the image in the drawing and then the top right as shown below.

Place image

Here is the result. In this case, the design calls for the installation of a fire pit. The intended installation is conveyed easily using this technique.

Fire Pit

Note that images can be inserted in either model space or layout space. We tend to mostly insert into layout space, but that's a personal preference

Raster images  Image Manager This movie discusses the use of the Image Manger in a gCADPlus drawing.

Image Manager

Using raster images in title blocks

There are times when it is too time consuming to recreate in CAD software complex logos that are already well established in a landscape practice. A work around is to use a raster version of the logo as shown in the image below.

Using raster images

Using raster images  Movie Click the icon at left to play a short movie showing how to set up a title block with a raster image version of the logo.round

Tip: while this approach is a quick workaround, in our view, it is better to aim for a properly drawn vector version of your logo.

Tracing a scanned version of a hand drawn map

It is possible to scan or photograph any hand drawn or photographed map and trace over the top with gCADPlus.  New entities, photographs and other information can be added as you go. The result (after scaling based on a know ground measurement or scale bar) is a reasonably accurate CAD version of the base map.

Trace map  Movie Click the icon at left to play a high resolution movie showing how to make a new map based on a hand drawn example. Click on the image below to see the high resolution result.

Map by gCADPlus

Movie We show how to place images of plants specified for a design into a gCADPlus layout sheet (USA example)

Movie Making catalogs of species used in a design.

Movie How to take an image file of a landscape detail and use in a gCADPlus design.


Insert raster image