Try and avoid editing MTEXT text If you have a drawing that needs to be returned to an AutoCAD user after you have added information to it. If you do need to edit text, leave any text control codes in place - just change the words. All will be fine when the drawing returns to the AutoCAD user.


MTEXT translation between AutoCAD and gCADPlus does not always go smoothly. This can happen for a variety of reasons. At times, the error is on the AutoCAD side of the equation. At other times gCADPlus limitations in this area shows.

The figure below shows a set of notes in a drawing (in paper space) created in AutoCAD using the MTEXT command. The circle indicates that the drafter has left some information (entities) under the text that makes up the MTEXT entity. That makes for very difficult reading in both AutoCAD and in the gCADPlus environment when the drawing is opened.


The problem can be easily resolved in either AutoCAD or gCADPlus by selecting the entities under the MTEXT box and moving them to a separate layer. Turn that layer off rather than deleting the entities - they may be important.

However, in gCADPlus, when the MTEXT entity is selected and the edit MTEXT option chosen a different problem appears.

In its MTEXT editor, AutoCAD inserts a series of codes in the box to control the appearance of text. In AutoCAD, these are hidden but they show in gCADPlus. Here the font to be used in this MTEXT box is defined as Swis721 Cn BT|b0|i0|c0|p34. gCADPlus mostly recognizes what to do with the text, but there are some glitches, especially if the Windows text used by the AutoCAD user is not on the computer used by the gCADPlus drafter. 

A quick look at the text styles in operation in the gCADPlus environment shows that in this CAD system, the font is not recognized by gCADPlus.

Mtext style

I was able to download a matching font and install it and thus correct the problem.

Then using the Format Style option, create a style with that font. without a missing font error.

Swiss style

Making these adjustments does not make handling text in MTEXT any easier, but might resolve some other problems with single line Windows text associated the style.


Unless absolutely necessary, leave MTEXT alone in a drawing that needs to be returned to an AutoCAD user after you have added to it.

MTEXT problems