Every landscape designer creates specific species lists for their various projects. The species on the list are chosen for their ability to grow well at the site and posses features that will enhance the design. These lists are usually drawn from the designers personal experience gained over many projects and are part of a landscape designer's intellectual property.

Designers keep lists in many different forms - from paper to sophisticated online databases. gCADPlus allows designers to attach a list with each CAD drawing. These lists can act as a plant data file and assist greatly in plant selection and and can be used over many different drawings if required.

Tip: We have placed some lists on the download page of this web site, but we really encourage you to make your own lists and customize the list environment to suit the way in which you work.

The figure below show a design for a rear space in a Parisian garden with the designer's plant list displayed.

Paris list

A reminder that gCADPlus allows designers to create and load their own personal plant data file. These files have the extension .gcp and can be a short list suited to that one site only or a much longer list containing all the designers favorite plant species. It is important to recognize that the automated plant schedule tool in gCADPlus is dependent upon a suitable plant list being attached to the drawing. 

Tip: If you have a copy of our personal plant database tool - SppDb, it is possible to write a .gcp file from that application.

Plant list mediterranean Plant list mediterranean  Here is a small movie showing how to attach a list to a gCADPlus drawing and how to work with a list. We show how to add new botanical words to the gCADPlus dictionary and sort the list. We alter the sort criteria from botanical name to common name.

Tip: Any number of additional columns can be added to the plant list.

We cannot over emphasize the value of learning to use the plant list effectively. Some designers have comprehensive lists of several hundred species with information on pot size, flowering time, flower colour landscape use etc. That enables them with the aid of the sort facility to find a species for a particular use in a landscape plan.

Plant list mediterranean

Spell checking

If gCADPlus sees a word in your plant list that it does not hold in its dictionary (or suspects that it is mis-spelled), the word is highlighted in red. To add the word, simply hover over the word, right click and select add word.

Add word to dictionary

If you have chosen a word with special characters like quote marks, remove those before adding the word.

Special characters

Plant list mediterranean Plant list mediterranean  Here is a small movie showing how to attach use a plant list to create a schedule for a design for a rear garden in Paris.

Another example, this time for a landscape design for the front area of a house in Florida, USA

Plant lists Florida Plnat list Florida  Here is a small movie showing how to attach a plant list, tag plants, apply line weights and lay a design for a front entrance to a house in Florida on a size C sheet.

USA design

Update link How to update the link between a symbol and an altered gcp data file.

Update link Using gcp  files more effectively.


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