Most CAD software has considerable difficulty viewing data from Geographic Information Systems such as ArcInfo and large size photographic images such as those produced during aerial surveys.

gCADPlus supports a number of different GIS file types and also supports adding extended data to any CAD entity

GIS file types


This file format (Enhanced Compression Format) is super efficient and gCADPlus is one of the few CAD products that can load (insert) that type of file. The figure below shows a 3.5 Gig high resolution ECW file of showing part of the City of Vancouver, Canada loaded into gCADPlus. The image appears in very quick time and the zoom and pan tools in gCADPlus can be used to display portions of the image.


Zoom in

Here an ECW file has been used



These image files are a different format to traditional JPEG image files. They are inserted into gCADPlus drawings in the same way as other raster images. The image shown below was originally 14.7 Mb in size, reduced to 1.47Mb to in JPEG 2000 format and loads in fractions of a second in gCADPlus

 JPEG 2000 file

Tip: make sure that any JPEG2000 file you want to use in gCADPlus has the extension .jp2

JPEG 2000 are a different file type to standard jpg files and are ideal for high resolution and large scale aerial photographs. In contrast to conventional jpg files, JPEG 2000 files are optimized for efficient progressive resolution. gCADPlus can be used to tag any part of the photo and store extended data behind the entity placed on top of the image.