Every drawing contains at least one dimension style (called standard). The figure below shows the dimension styles dialog box that's activated from the format drop down menu.

Dimension style standard

It is possible to create a dimension style to suit your own particular needs. To do that, click on the new style button in the dialog box. A new style is created with the Name Style1. We suggest rather than leaving it at Style1, you rename to something more meaningful - e.g. UrrbraeDesigners and set that style as current (see below)

Dimension style

Now adjust the named style to your own needs. The best way to do that is to place some common elements of 'standard' size into a blank drawing as shown below (an Imperial US example).

In this drawing, various entities - lines, arcs and circles have been added and a dimensions applied to a line and a radius dimension applied to an arc. Clearly, the dimension style does not suit the needs of a designer working in the USA because the text and arrowheads are too large while the decimal point needs to be changed from a comma to a period.

Clearly, the dimension style needs some adjustment. Changes to the dimension style are made using the various tabs in the dimension style dialog box.

Dimension linear

First click the Units tab and change the precision and separator as shown below.

Dimension units

Click ok and the appearance of the dimensions automatically change.

Dimension unist change

Next make some changes to the Geometry tab.


Here is the result. It is an improvement, but some further changes are needed. We need to adjust the text variables.

Dimension improvement

Changes to the text variables are shown below.

Geometry dimensions

Result of first attempt at changing text variables.

Adjust dimension style

We will make other small changes to the dimension style as we go along.

Here is a screen grab where we have trialled various dimension options. Further refinements will be required as we use the dimension style on a real job.

Dim example

Here is an example of the style in use.

Round off dimension style

Dimension style (USA)

Changes can be made in the dimension style such that dimensions are suited to US drafting standards. Changing the units, precision and suffix (to an apostrophe) produce the style shown below.

US dimesnion style


Dimension styles