This page describes how to set up a layout on an A1 sheet and print to a fixed scale of 1:100

 We take you through the step-by-step procedures for setting up viewports in layout space, setting the scale to 1:100 and printing a PDF version of the drawing.

The steps

1. Check size

Before setting up a new layout sheet, It is a good idea to make sure that a distance enquiry gives the expected result. In the example below, we have inserted a 5 meter scale bar (always a good idea). Use the Distance command to check it. There is always the possibility that entities have been inadvertently scaled without you being aware of it. The figure below shows that a correct value is given.

Distance check

2. Zoom extents in model space

Next use the Zoom Extents option. It is surprising how often using this option throws up entities that have been wrongly placed.

3. Create layout

Move to the view Format drop down menu and choose layout.

New Layout

Create a new layout, choosing (in this example), an A1 sheet in portrait mode. It is good practice to give the layout a meaningful name as shown below. 

A1 sheet

Click OK and select the new layout. Chances are you will see a zoomed in view as shown below.

Zoomed view

4. Zoom extents again

Position the viewport as required. Select the edge of the floating viewport as shown below, making sure that the properties box shows.


6. Set scale for frame and fix it

Click into the properties box and type 100 in the scale control.

Scaled 1:100

Set Yes to fixed scale in Properties box.

Tip: If you activate fixed scale the layout, it is not possible to resize the magenta box when switching back to layout space. You may want to temporarily take the fixed scale setting off, adjust the size of the magenta 'select' area. Then set it again.

Scale bar Here is a link to a movie showing the use of a scale bar in a drawing made in the Imperial units system (USA).

Scale in layout This movie discusses scaling to a fixed scale in layout using an A2 sheet drawn to Australian standards.

Scale 1:100 on A1 sheet