Scaling drawings

It is commonplace to include some sort of scale factor in a landscape drawing when it is printed. This applies equally well when drafting by hand or drafting using CAD software. The scale factor is often included in the title block along with other details about the site, client name, site location, date, designer, logo etc. The figure below shows one such example. Note that the scale and the size of the intended sheet are mentioned. A scale bar has been included as well with a notation of scale and intended sheet size.

Plot scale

The notes below offer some detailed discussion about scale notations and how to deal with them in bot the metric and Imperial environment.

Metric environment

 Using layouts This (rather long - 12 minute) movie takes some time to download but does explain how to create new named layouts and how to adjust the scaling of the viewport to a fixed scale. We present a design for a site some 150000 mm wide (150 meters) on an A1 sheet at a scale of 1:500 and a view of some car parking arrangements on an A3 sheet at 1:100.

Car parking

Scaling in the USA environment

In the USA, a variety of different scales are used and relate feet to inches. For example, a common scale used in landscape work might be 1/96 or (sometimes 1/8" = 1 ') where one foot in the real world is equal to 1/8 inch (0.125 inch) on paper. This paper is our attempt to explain the use of those types of fixed scales in the gCADPlus drawing environment. 

USA scaling This short movie shows how to set a scale factor of 1/64 (3/16" to 1 foot) on an architectural C size sheet in gCADPlus.

Movie This movie shows how to plot a drawing at a scale of 1/48 on an ANSI C sheet. 

Briefly, here are the steps to take.

Arrange the design in layout using one or more floating viewports.

Choose "Set fixed scale in layout" from the Modify drop down menu.

Select the floating viewport frame. Select Metric or Imperial.

Eg. 1:50 for metric or 1/64 for Imperial.

Check in the properties box that a scale factor and that fixed scale has been set on as shown in the figure below - 1/64 - 1/8" = 1 foot.

Set fixed scale

Print the drawing at 1:1, making sure that the correct sheet size is chosen.

Tip: Uncheck the Fit to paper option.

Set scale

Click here to see the result (the design is not finished - shown just to illustrate plotting principles.

Check your scaling using a local printer.

Create a new layout on a letter size sheet as shown below using a 10 feet scale bar.

Zoom in on your scale bar and set the scale of the floating viewport at 1/24. 

Print at 1:1 on letter sheet.

Measure the length of the fists 5 foot section. It should be close to 2.5 inches long. 

2.5 inches represents 5 feet. 2.5/5 represents 1 foot i.e a scale of 1/2" = 1 Foot (1/24).

Check scale

Using scale bars in drawings

Scale bars This movie shows how to include a scale bar (20 feet long with appropriate divisions) in an Imperial (USA) drawing.

Scaling layouts